Data analysis using the Microsoft Power BI Desktop dashboard for the Keep-Network project.

Makhnev Alexander
3 min readOct 28, 2020

Many projects related to monitoring have been presented earlier using the same technology (e.g. They all look alike. So I’m glad to introduce you something new — a Microsoft Power BI Desktop Dashboard.

The Dashboards in this report were based on data from previous projects. With this work, I wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of this popular and highly demanded tool for data analytics and monitoring in many big IT companies.

With using Power BI, you can

— Collecting information from absolutely any data source. It can be various services, databases, files, Google Docs, Yandex-Disk, Excel, csv, folders, documents, data from the Internet, API and various other connectors that the Power BI team develops and adds to the program on a monthly basis:

— Processing of the received data, bringing them to a single form and standard. Combining and linking all these disparate tables into a single data model (information well), which allows you to scoop up data about the state of the business at any level of information detailing, getting to the very foundation, literally disassembling everything to the “bones”, to the true root causes of the results available in the business;

— Calculating the necessary parameters and KPIs based on this combined data

— Building visual graphs, reports and dashboards

— Automatically update all information (in your reporting data model) hosted in the Power BI cloud, allowing you to get the latest data in Power BI reports online “right here and now”

— Many other advantages…

I used Power BI to render a couple of visualizations and create a small Dashboard based on visualizations previously created by other members of the Keep community. It’s easy to work with. In addition to graphs with data, you can see the main indicators over a certain period of time, as well as use filters in order to track the status of specific data sets needed for detailed study.

Here are some screenshots of this report and its capabilities.

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